Keys to hiring the perfect Pet Sitter

Tips to find the Perfect Pet Sitter from SuperStar Pet Services

The Key to Hiring the perfect Pet Sitter

For years I changed plans and even lifestyles for my Dogs. I would never kennel my dogs for the risk of disease, being injured by another animal, being in a strange noisy new environment, with people they don’t know and sleeping in a strange bed. To me kennels are just a fancy Dog pound, and most times minimum wage employees usually want to get in & out as fast as they can. Dependability and honesty are a must as well. These factors are what caused me to form SuperStar Pet Services bringing new modern methods, technology and the most important ingredient Love Pets are now part of the American family. In just the last 10 years the Pet industry has doubled in revenue. In 2012 the total spent on all Pet products and services has grown to 53 Billion dollars even through a recession. People love their Pets! So as a lifelong Pet Sitter, owner, trainer and lover of all breeds I want to give you the best way to pick someone to care for you beloved Pets.

1. Set up a Meet & Greet, a reputable Pet Sitter will not charge you for this. Most importantly see how your Pets relate and act with that person. Dogs are the best judge of character. I have a client who told me when the Pet Sitter they fired showed up their Dogs ran away. A clear red flag! Observe the communication between the Sitter and the Pets. In all the time I have cared for people’s Dogs the only complaint I’ve gotten was “Our Dogs love you more than us” Which I can live with.

2. Hire someone that does Pet Sitting, Pet Care and Dog Walking exclusively! Some try to multi-task like being a maid. It’s not prudent to have someone that’s supposed to focus on your kids mopping a floor or cleaning a toilet. You wouldn’t hire a landscaper or a plumber to care for and love you Kids. It’s not what they do. You don’t want someone rushing in a hurry to get to the next job. Watch out for silly fees too. Stick with a Professional!

3. Check out the company on the Internet. See if they have a large relevant presence, website, blogs, and social media. Don’t rely on reviews. Remember that most good reviews are written by themselves or friends. It’s so obvious sometimes the same person wrote most of them, you can tell just by the form and redundancy in the way they are written. Google has now recognized that problem and is working to penalize shady companies that do that. Some of my clients have written great reviews for me but I never ask anyone. I respect and protect the anonymity of my clients.

4. Cost: Remember you get what you pay for. An average cost pet visit should be around $25 to $30 for a 30 minute visit $35 to $40 for an hour session. You’ll see some lower than that but watch the silly and confusing fees. I remember a speech at the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters convention in Las Vegas where a Pet Sitter charged $17 dollars for Pet Sitting per visit and a $3 charge for each additional pet. The client had another Dog and A Cat. So now were up to $23 but they also had 5 goldfish where she charged $15 or $3 per fish so the charge ended up at $38 per visit! I see ads where a Pet Sitter will stay at your house for 12 hours for $45 or $3.75 cents an hour. Really! I would be very uncomfortable knowing someone who is making less than half of minimum wage is staying at my house, caring for my home and Furkids. If it sounds to good to be true! Pet Sitting in your home especially if you have more than one Pet is cheaper, safer and better for your Pets than kenneling them.

I hope these pointers help you, remember your trusting these people with 2 of the most important things in your life, your home and your Kids. Whether it’s a vacation, Business trip, a family emergency, etc you need peace of mind that everything is perfect at home.

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