Lexi, The Diplo-Dog


Lexi, The Diplo-Dog

Being a professional Pet Sitter in Las Vegas is the most exciting job in the most exciting City I’ve ever had. As owner of SuperStar Pet Services we have our K-9 Concierge service where we actually go to people’s suites on the Strip and care for their Dogs. We sit with them to keep them company or take them to an area park.

The Strip with the exception of most of the MGM properties is pet friendly now. Many people have started bringing their K-9 companions with them. However walking a Dog on the Strip is illegal except between the hours of 5AM and Noon.

The Strip is also crowded and many people are intoxicated and generally aren’t paying that much attention while walking, along with construction bottlenecks it can get congested.

I’ve said all that to tell you about a Dog from Mexico I had the honor of caring for one night.

Her name was Lexi, she was a mixed breed of what I thought could have been a mixture of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Anatolian Shepherd with maybe a little Golden Labrador. I arrived at their Hotel and saw Lexi with her Dad, Steve walking threw the lobby. I knew that had to be her. She was beautiful! She had a bold cadence in her step and even being in the busy lobby of a Las Vegas hotel she was sure and confident.

I approached Steve who is a US Diplomat in Juarez Mexico. She was traveling with Steve and his wife Wendy on a fantastic journey across America.

Lexi, being a daughter of a Diplomat! I soon began to call her Diplo-Dog. I took her from Steve and we headed to the Hotels Dog area, which sadly happened to be a 12 feet by 20 feet patch of Astroturf. It was at that moment I realized there was something special about Lexi. She turned to look at me as if to say, Really!?! This is the Dog area. Really!?! I decided to take her to a nice grassy park in Summerlin to enjoy the cool of the evening with lush grass.

Lexi jumped in the front seat of my van and we were off to Summerlin. I noticed she was looking all the lights and activity on the Strip with great curiosity like everyone who visits Vegas does. I realized this is a very smart Dog!

Lexi was found on the streets of Juarez. She had to have a lot of intelligence and fortitude to survive that, thankfully Steve & Wendy adopted her and gave her a loving forever home. We made it to Garden park in Summerlin and went for a nice long walk. She was so enthralled and curious! I could tell what she was thinking by her facial expressions and body language. After an hour or so it became dark and I took Lexi to my home. I had 4 Dogs myself two of which are Chihuahua’s and Lexi made herself right at home. She greeted my Dogs and was tired after a long ride for Juarez, she jumped up on a loveseat and began to take a nap.

After a few hours it was time to take Lexi back to the Hotel. She somehow knew she was going back to her family and once again jumped right in and we had a trip back which she found just as interesting as the first time. What was so amazing was that when we entered the Hotel, she led me to the elevators and we the doors opened Lexi lead me to the exact room. That was astonishing since she had only been there twice. Lexi was truly a special Dog, her beauty and intelligence was astounding. The fact that such a Dog from the streets of Juarez had found the perfect home I found to be a perfect ending. I will never forget her even though I spent less than 5 hours with her. She left me knowing why we love our Pups so much.

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About Superstar Pet Services

We are an upscale alternative to kenneling. The Premiere Pet Sitting and Dog Walking company in the Summerlin-Las Vegas area.

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