Why you need a Dog Walker

When Good Dogs Get Destructive – How Dog Walking Helps Las Vegas Pet Owners
What happens when dog owners have to leave for work each morning? Sadly, it often means that the poor dog sits home all alone until their owner returns. That could mean eight to ten hours with no dog walking! Las Vegas dogs, like other city dogs, feel the effects of boredom more than rural canines that are free to roam the back yard at will.
Do you know what dogs find amusing when left alone for too long? They enjoy destroying things. Without a regular schedule that includes dog walking, Las Vegas pets quickly learn that they can enjoy unlimited time to chew slippers and knock over house plants without any human to tell them no.
No parent would leave their preschooler home alone, much less for an entire workday! And essentially that’s what our pets are – perpetual preschoolers. Without mid-day dog walking, Las Vegas dogs are left to their own amusement, which often comes at the expense of their human family’s possessions.
If your dog acts very excitedly when you come home, then he is not only telling you that he is happy to see you, but also that he wants to spend time with you. He wants to take you out for some dog walking! Las Vegas pet owners, like other pet owners around the country, are bound by leash laws whenever they leave their own property.
But this does not mean that dogs and their owners have to give up public activities like dog walking. Aside from their own back yard for dog walking, Las Vegas dogs have a variety of canine-friendly parks and even dog parks in which they can go play.
You see, in addition to fresh air, exercise, and the other physical health benefits associated with dog walking, Las Vegas dogs and their owners enjoy psychological benefits of the practice, too. But at the end of a long day, owners might feel too tired for more than a few minutes of playing catch in the backyard.
When the stress of daily life keeps us from taking charge of regular dog walking, Pet Sitting Las Vegas companies are the perfect solution. For dogs, the daily walk is less about burning off energy, and more about interacting with their beloved humans.
Letting a dog walker into your family’s circle of friends and acquaintances gives your dog permission to turn away from destruction. When it comes to scheduling pet sitters for dog walking, Las Vegas owners will find that their dog is happier emotionally, and it will show in the lack of destruction they find upon returning home.
And because every day includes scheduled dog walking, Las Vegas dogs understand that someone will arrive at that time every day, which gives them less opportunity to shred up a sofa cushion or rifle through the contents of the fridge.
All canine breeds benefit from dog walking. Las Vegas canines with higher energy levels are especially in need of a midday walk to prevent separation anxiety and destructive issues. When you use pet sitters to meet your dog’s midday exercise needs, then you and your dog will both be happier at the end of the day.


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